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Siemens: Service remodeling industry value chain
The release date:2012-02-15 23:35


"In the R & D, production, marketing, customer service service whole business chain,once part of the marketing service, the future will become the important function of products, play a more and more important role in the business chain." By virtue of theChina industrial market ten years of service experience, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd.industrial business of IA/DT/BT technical support and services General Manager Li Yongli believe that the service to the subversive value of future industry chain.

Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. industrial business of industrial automation group (IA), drive technology group (DT), building technology group (BT) technical support and services(CS) in Beijing celebrated the ten anniversary of the expert level services in China. As an important carrier of Siemens product value realization, CS ten years oftransformation, witnessed the rapid development of Siemens industrial group in China,also witnessed the China industry from quantity to qualitative leap.

Ten years of deep calm towards the manufacturing service industry age

The early industrial service China can be traced back to the era of whole equipmentimports, then the service by the major distributors bear, scattered and not system; 90 time metaphase, China ushered in the mechanical equipment independent R & D and manufacturing of peak, suppliers began to feel the pressure of service support, have built under the Sales Department after sale service team; nearly in ten years, with thegradual Chinese industrial maturity, manufacturer's attention has from the purepursuit steering elements of productivity, investment income of a full range of productivity efficiency, operation cost optimization, energy and environmentalcompliance, safety and technical innovation, reduce the product life cycle etc.. In addition, with the China enterprises overseas expansion, globalization of network service demand also grow with each passing day. Therefore, the depth and scope ofservices in response to put forward new requirements, professional services operating born.

In 2000 Siemens built the industry's first call center in the China, made for the customer provides the first step industry professional support and service. From the initial two operator, seven or eight engineers, ten calendar years development now has CS hundreds of technical support and customer service engineer, throughout thefield service and repair site, and in parallel with the German Nuremberg, AmericanJohnson city services Siemens industry one of the domain three global service center.

Service and support system Siemens with development of Chinese industry gradually improved, now run through from the project planning and design, project implementation, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance,upgrading of the entire life cycle, and through technical support website and hotline to ensure rapid response, the system application support to ensure the control schemeoptimization and shorten the debugging time, replacing the / repair / field service to reduce downtime, optimize inventory management to achieve efficient supply of spare parts, and to pre maintenance, service contract, system optimization and upgrading,such as value-added services, for customers to business success escort.

Siemens technical support and services in Chinese market operation for ten years,Chinese user understanding of service with a fundamental change. According to Li Yongli introduction, the current development Chinese various industries is not balanced, the demand for services are not the same: Iron and steel, metallurgyindustry more use of their own Affiliated Companies, such as MIV service, MAV service outsourcing business is less; while the petrochemical, automobile industry is already accept foreign ideas, production management more introduction of external forces,the service contract the equipment state diagnosis, system, spare parts inventory and other services form is more common.

In recent years, the volume of business Siemens services began to significantly higher than sales growth. Looking to the future ten years, Li Yongli think, the essence will besubversive change service, service will become a part of the product itself. "In the R & D, production, marketing, customer service service whole business chain, service and support, once part of the marketing service, the future will become an importantfunction of products, play a more and more important role in the business chain." In the form of services, more advanced technological means such as network bring convenience to service will also be new challenges. At the same time, as thetechnology output service, the most critical is the talent competition, the next 5-10 years,&nbs

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