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Industrial Automation
The release date:2020-03-28 14:31

Industrial Automation Writing the future of safe and smart operations

Our Industrial Automation business offers a range of solutions for process and hybrid industries, including our industry-specific integrated automation, electrification and digital solutions, control technologies, software and advanced services, as well as measurement & analytics, marine and turbocharging offerings. Industrial Automation is #2 in the market globally.

Based on its deep domain knowledge, experience and expertise in delivering world-class automation products, systems and solutions, a wide area of complimenting digital and collaborative solutions across applications and sectors, the Industrial automation business helps customers remain competitive, improving their ROI and running safe and productive operations. 

Aging has become an issue for most industrialized countries. With birth rates decreasing, the cost of labor continues to increase.  It is necessary for manufacturers to improve the level of production automation in order to maintain the same profit level. This situation leads to an increased requirement of industrial automation.
It is very common for an industrial control manufacturer to experience a production line that requires frequent changes, high precision and high quality products in a short lead time. HUIIN has been working side by side for years with industrial control customers by providing the Connectors for industrial applications and helping customers set up and meet technical requirements.
HUILIN connectors such as the M5, M8 and M12 series feature waterproof and high wiring density with a range of various connection angles for customer’s versatile arrangements. These products have been widely used in controller, converters and locator.



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