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3D printable PEEK polymer for high-performance connectors
The release date:2020-04-08 14:55
The high-performance plastic PEEK – polyether ether ketone – used in connectors, medical implants and oil industry seals – can now be 3D printed, following the introduction of a PEEK-based filament for fused filament printers by German firm Apium Additive Technologies。
“PEEK is considered as one of the most powerful high-performance polymers due to its mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance. It is used as a replacement for steel, aluminium and other polymers,” said the firm. “In the environment of semiconductors and electronics industry, PEEK and carbon-fibre-reinforced PEEK can realise your designs for connectors, wafer carriers, contact sockets and other electronics parts.”
The polymer is strong, works at well over 100°C and is capable of enduring extreme circumstances.
Inherent toughness and flexibility means users can install the parts without breaking them, and the material resists creepage once installed.
The adaptive heating works up to 180°C (the all-metal hot-end works up to 540°C) and the print bed can be set at up to 160°C. Machine resolution is 12.5 – 50μm.
high-performance connectors
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